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War On Terror

The Death of Osama bin Laden


We all know bin Laden. Crazy Islamist, hell bent on the destruction of the West purely because he and his ilk hate our freedoms. Mastermind of the infamous 9/11 attacks on New York (more on that later), finally brought to justice in the ultimate way by Navy Seal Team Six in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2nd 2011.

So, not much to discuss - right? Well, it seems there is much evidence to suggest that Osama was a very ill man indeed and probably died around December 2001. Rather than post a tonne of links to back up this claim, here is an article written by
Nathan A. Bauer. All the bases seem to be covered rather nicely – USAma Bin Laden died in December 2001.

So, now that we’ve established that the last 11 years of the War On Terror have been a myth it raises a few interesting questions

Firstly, who is this?

And this?

What are these people watching?

Well, I can answer that. It’s a big fat
nothing, which means these people are either lying or (most likely), this is a Photoshop.

Then, there were the dead Osama photos that flooded the Internet after the supposed burial at sea. Well, they were faked (as can be so easily done in this digital age). But it doesn’t end there. The CIA showed these fake photos to US Senators as proof of his demise. Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass) told Fox TV, “Listen, I’ve seen the picture… He’s definitely dead”. By late afternoon the very same day, Senator Brown had to admit to Fox that
the photo was not authentic. What’s interesting is that the mainstream media never make the link between the fake photos and the CIA.

Luckily for the US Administration, most (all?) of Navy Seal Team Six were killed in a
helicopter crash in Afghanistan just months after the daring raid against Osama’s super-secret compound. So, what to make of the new book, apparently written by one of the kill team? Well, it’s all a lie. The Osama assassination was always gonna be held back until it was politically expedient for the events to unfold (Obama was going through a mid-term slump and questions about the authenticity of his Birth Certificate were gaining a great deal of momentum), and this tell-all book is being released just as the Presidential election campaign is ramping up. This happens all the time. So, next time you read the BBC web site or settle down to the 6 O’clock news, ask yourself, who benefits from this story? What agenda is being pushed here? And, most importantly, how do we know this is for real?

For your consideration –
the fake CNN news footage from Gulf War 1

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