Are you listening...?

TV Fakery

So, What Have We Learnt…?


So, 2013 came and went, but what did we actually learn…?

I learnt that, it doesn’t matter how determined I am - there just isn’t the time to get everything done. I set out to record a new album but didn’t quite get there. I have two or three songs left to write (one of which is started and another one I have ideas for). I’m not entirely sure how some of my internet friends manage to fit in all their music commitments to be honest - but more power to them.

I also failed to keep this blog thing going. I’m glad it’s here and I do intend to get a few more bits and pieces written up. My wife bought me a rant book for Christmas. It’s an empty notepad for me to right the wrongs around me. She tells my I have two emotions. The first is that of a 14 year old child who laughs at silly things and doesn’t take life seriously. The second is absolute fury and anger at everyone and everything. I intend to vent in the notepad this year. If it ends up being fun, I might scan in the ravings and have a little section for it here, on my web site.

In the world of Conspiratainment, I have learnt that every other day there is another round of Doom Porn. This is from the crowd that shouts things like -

“Comet Ison will plough into the sun on 13/11/13… These numbers are significant and evoke Shiva The Destroyer. It is thought that the Sun will emit a massive discharge… the Kill Shot…”

When this doesn’t happen, it’s because Ison is in fact an Alien space craft and besides we have a Pole-Shift to look forward to… It just gets a little wearing and the same people seem obsessed with numerology… I have no doubt that the Elite like their little number games, but the jumps from this date to that significant number can seem a little tenuous…


What I have learnt (and fully accepted) is that the News Media contains quite a lot of completely fabricated stories. Not just embelishements, exaggerations and speculations… I’m talking about faked events sold to the public as reality. This is a real tough one for people to grasp (and probably, to the casual observer, puts me in the same camp as the Doom Porn-Mongers). The problem is, the more you look into these things, the harder it is to escape the fact that there are agencies creating fake news and the BBC, MSNBC, FOX etc are selling it as fact.

Case in point - the Boston Bombing. It seems likely that amputee crisis actors were used to stage a bloody atrocity that never really happened. No-one was hurt, the bombs were not real and the public have been fooled. Sandy Hook (now over a year ago) seems to have been a completely fake event. I also have my doubts about the Lee Rigby murder. When you point out the inconsistancies, the impossibilities and the very, very poor acting - people resort to cognitive dissonance for a while. They hold two opposing realities in their brains. They can see that this event doesn’t sit right, but they also, desperately cling on to the official narrative. Given time, people tend to dismiss you as a crazy and return to the comfort of the BBC News.

The other thing I hear a lot of is “Why?”. Why would these people fake the Boston Marathon Bombing when it would be easier to actually set off a couple of bombs. It’s a good point and I can only speculate as to the reasoning behind it. I guess fake victims are easier to control. There’s no chance of a rogue parent blaming the President’s Drone Attacks at an awkward meet and greet. I also think it’s just another level of mind-control… fake an event then sit back and watch Social Media…

Now, there’s a thing. Social Media. One thing I have noticed this year is the large number of CLEARLY FAKED Facebook Accounts that keep popping up in my Timeline. These accounts tend to be called things like “Ban The Burka” and “English And Proud”, and they spout rubbish like -

“This old man fought in a World War for you, yet he only gets 28p a week to live on. Whereas, this Muslim Cleric hopes you die and is claiming £20,000 a week for his Wife and 15 kids. Like if you think it’s an outrage…!”

And I have people in my timeline who blindly “like” this stuff… It’s clearly not true and it’s obviously been created to evoke a reaction. It’s a form of Social Engineering and people lap it up. It’s beyond me, it really is.

Anyway - Happy New Year.