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The Holographic Universe


I’ve been trying to get my head around a big question. What is reality? It seems a straight forward case of Science and Maths, but Quantum Physics has kinda ruined things. Everything is made up of very small things called Atoms which, in turn are made up of even smaller things called Particles. The problem with Particles is that they just don’t behave themselves at all and the more we find out about them the stranger things get.

Here’s a quick overview of a couple of scientific principles that will blow your head clean off. I’ll try to keep it light. The first is something called the Double Slit experiment. This is best explained with the help of a video -
Dr Quantum’s Double Slit Experiment

So, what can be ascertained from this experiment? Well, Particles actually exist in Waveform unless you look at them (or observe them). Once you look at them they stop being Waves and start acting like Particles. This throws up some interesting questions, but the most important and fundamental conclusion is this. Once you introduce Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Superposition - Everything, all matter, all possibilities exist as a Waveform which is often referred to as “The Field”. It is only when we choose to experience the contents of The Field does it become reality in the form of observed Particles. Reality is a very strange beast indeed.

Now, let’s talk about Black Holes. A black Hole is essentially a point in Space Time (a singularity), where everything is so small, so tightly compressed that nothing can escape once it’s passed the Event Horizon. A singularity is so intense, so compact that everything is lost, not even Light can escape a Black Hole. But matter can never be destroyed which means the information about everything that falls into a Black Hole must be retained (see the Black Hole Information Paradox). It is theorised that all the information pertaining to all the matter that has been sucked into the Singularity must exist in the Event Horizon. So what is an Event Horizon. Well, apart from being the point of no return, it seems likely (according to the Holographic Principle) that the Event Horizon is similar to a Hologram - A two dimensional object that holds three dimensional information. So the Event Horizon is a Hologram on the boundaries of the Singularity that retains all the information within the Black Hole.

This idea has been expanded and refined to encompass the entire Universe. What if all matter, all information, all possibility exists as a Hologram at the boundary of our known Universe. What if all that matter exists as a Waveform or Field of Possibility. What if that Field only exists as reality when it is observed or experienced by us. What if we literally create our own reality, or maybe we are in fact Infinite Consciousness choosing to experience this reality. If this were the case, everything is an illusion, we are literally living in a Matrix.


Mind Blown.

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