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No Planes

The No Planes of 9/11


September 11
th 2001. 19 crazy Islamists armed with box cutters and rudimentary flight training take out their wrath and hatred of the West in a Televisual Spectacular. It was audacious and shocking. It was successful beyond their wildest dreams. It galvanized a traumatised populace. It was a TV Hoax.

There’s no real point looking too deeply into the plane-shaped holes in the official story…. Oh, ok… here are a few…

Devout Muslims that got drunk in Strip Joints, magic passports that can pass through flame unscathed, luggage that wasn’t loaded on to planes that happened to contain Korans, Flight Manuals and the Last Will and Testaments of the hi-jackers involved (even though some of them turned up alive after 9/11). Mobile phones that worked on planes (even though the tech to make this happen has only recently come into commercial use). Asymmetrical damage that can cause symmetrical collapses, FEMA teams already in place the night before, irregular market trading, countless military drills that mimicked the actual events (causing untold confusion and delayed responses). Secret Service Agents happy to leave President Bush sat in a classroom at a well publicised visit. Israelis in position to film before the event unfolded, some of which were arrested, then quietly released.

I could go on and on, but what’s the point. Anyone who can shake off the pre-programmed cognitive dissonance and look at the events of that day with a clear head will see that, at the very least, things don’t quite add up. So, to the subject of this Blog entry. The No Plane Theory. This is a doozy. It seems clear that the destruction of the Twin Towers was a pretty important part of the operation, but would plane impacts alone guarantee their demise? Would people be so accepting of this eventuality if the planes had inflicted just a glancing blow? What if they had crumpled on impact, with the majority of the debris falling to the Manhattan streets below? No, for WTC’s 1 and 2 to experience total collapse, even after the impact of large passenger planes, it would be vital for the Core Columns to sustain massive damage. What would be needed is for the planes to entirely penetrate the towers, get all that fuel and the heavy Engines and Landing Gear all the way through the Façade. The Towers would need to envelop the two planes completely. And that is what we saw.

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No buckling, no resistance, no deceleration. Just a cartoon plane gliding into a building.

The reason we saw those things is because TV made it happen. From the very beginning it was a massive Psy-Op with no planes, just explosions. A complicit Mainstream Media telling the lie, well positioned actors on the ground shouting about planes and an underfunded investigation full of stooges with conflicts of interest waiting to rubber-stamp the narrative.

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