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So, What Have We Learnt…?


So, 2013 came and went, but what did we actually learn…?

I learnt that, it doesn’t matter how determined I am - there just isn’t the time to get everything done. I set out to record a new album but didn’t quite get there. I have two or three songs left to write (one of which is started and another one I have ideas for). I’m not entirely sure how some of my internet friends manage to fit in all their music commitments to be honest - but more power to them.

I also failed to keep this blog thing going. I’m glad it’s here and I do intend to get a few more bits and pieces written up. My wife bought me a rant book for Christmas. It’s an empty notepad for me to right the wrongs around me. She tells my I have two emotions. The first is that of a 14 year old child who laughs at silly things and doesn’t take life seriously. The second is absolute fury and anger at everyone and everything. I intend to vent in the notepad this year. If it ends up being fun, I might scan in the ravings and have a little section for it here, on my web site.

In the world of Conspiratainment, I have learnt that every other day there is another round of Doom Porn. This is from the crowd that shouts things like -

“Comet Ison will plough into the sun on 13/11/13… These numbers are significant and evoke Shiva The Destroyer. It is thought that the Sun will emit a massive discharge… the Kill Shot…”

When this doesn’t happen, it’s because Ison is in fact an Alien space craft and besides we have a Pole-Shift to look forward to… It just gets a little wearing and the same people seem obsessed with numerology… I have no doubt that the Elite like their little number games, but the jumps from this date to that significant number can seem a little tenuous…


What I have learnt (and fully accepted) is that the News Media contains quite a lot of completely fabricated stories. Not just embelishements, exaggerations and speculations… I’m talking about faked events sold to the public as reality. This is a real tough one for people to grasp (and probably, to the casual observer, puts me in the same camp as the Doom Porn-Mongers). The problem is, the more you look into these things, the harder it is to escape the fact that there are agencies creating fake news and the BBC, MSNBC, FOX etc are selling it as fact.

Case in point - the Boston Bombing. It seems likely that amputee crisis actors were used to stage a bloody atrocity that never really happened. No-one was hurt, the bombs were not real and the public have been fooled. Sandy Hook (now over a year ago) seems to have been a completely fake event. I also have my doubts about the Lee Rigby murder. When you point out the inconsistancies, the impossibilities and the very, very poor acting - people resort to cognitive dissonance for a while. They hold two opposing realities in their brains. They can see that this event doesn’t sit right, but they also, desperately cling on to the official narrative. Given time, people tend to dismiss you as a crazy and return to the comfort of the BBC News.

The other thing I hear a lot of is “Why?”. Why would these people fake the Boston Marathon Bombing when it would be easier to actually set off a couple of bombs. It’s a good point and I can only speculate as to the reasoning behind it. I guess fake victims are easier to control. There’s no chance of a rogue parent blaming the President’s Drone Attacks at an awkward meet and greet. I also think it’s just another level of mind-control… fake an event then sit back and watch Social Media…

Now, there’s a thing. Social Media. One thing I have noticed this year is the large number of CLEARLY FAKED Facebook Accounts that keep popping up in my Timeline. These accounts tend to be called things like “Ban The Burka” and “English And Proud”, and they spout rubbish like -

“This old man fought in a World War for you, yet he only gets 28p a week to live on. Whereas, this Muslim Cleric hopes you die and is claiming £20,000 a week for his Wife and 15 kids. Like if you think it’s an outrage…!”

And I have people in my timeline who blindly “like” this stuff… It’s clearly not true and it’s obviously been created to evoke a reaction. It’s a form of Social Engineering and people lap it up. It’s beyond me, it really is.

Anyway - Happy New Year.




So, Remembrance Sunday is upon us. As a consequence, every shopping trip begins and ends with a barrage of Propaganda and Guilt. It is impossible to avoid the British Legion or their Poppies. The problem is. I don’t support the troops.

This opinion is generally met with one of two attitudes. The first is the knee-jerk “have some respect” line. Respect for what exactly…? I view members of the armed forces as misguided at best, but let’s be honest, anyone who is paid to fight in armed conflicts is a Mercenary. Troops are nothing but cannon fodder to the elite, used to further agendas, steal resources and secure deals for corporations. To quote Henry Kissinger –

ilitary men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.

This explains the need for charities such as the British Legion and Help For Heroes. If the Armed Forces were valued, they would be offered proper health care and good pensions. But no, the public are expected to pay for all of that. The second reaction, usually accompanied by a begrudging admittance that the current conflicts fall into a grey area, is the conviction that they “Died for our freedoms”, or that “We’d all be talking German” if it wasn’t for our brave boys. Well, is this true?

On the face of it, World War 1 appears to be a conflict sparked by a Murder, a slew of complicated pacts and treaties and the threat of an ever-strengthening German Empire. Well, at least some of that is true. The German Empire was expanding and growing stronger. They had become a successful, industrialised nation, mainly on the back of their steel industry. They were looking to build a new fleet of ships and were laying railway track at a great rate. Britain on the other hand, following a costly campaign in South Africa against the Boer Republics (a conflict, incidentally, that was all about securing gold supplies and saw the British invention of Concentration Camps), were in near Financial ruin. Desperate to maintain their hold on the global shipping trade and a dwindling Empire that was, by that time, coughing up blood. Add to this the advent of the combustion engine and the very beginning of the age of Oil and it’s clear that Britain and Germany were always on a collision course.

Britain had converted their coal-powered Naval Fleet to Oil and was busy setting up one-sided deals to secure the newly found black gold for her corporations. All well and good, but Germany had built a Berlin to Baghdad railway and had signed treaties with Turkey in an attempt to guarantee its own supply of Oil. WW1 broke out in late July 1914, by November British forces had invaded Southern Mesopotamia (now Iraq), and conquered Basra. WW1 was not about the freedoms of the British people, it was about British Empire and British Corporations.

Further Reading (from the fantastic F William Engdahl) –
Oil and WWI

So, World War 2. Hitler was a mad man who would see the entire World engulfed by the Third Reich and every last Jew gassed. Well... Not quite. Following the
Balfour Declaration of November 1917, which saw the promise of a Jewish Homeland in Palestine, Marxist (read Zionist) Trade Union leaders called disruptive strikes in Germany and the Jewish owned press destroyed German morale. This more or less killed the Spring Offensive and spelled the end of WW1 for the Germans. After their defeat the Germans were hit with massive War Reparations that would devastate the German Economy for years to come. Germany is carved up to create Poland, Czechoslovakia and Austria and sees all of her African and European resources stripped away and shared amongst the Allied victors. It is at this time that Hitler begins to find his political feet. Hitler’s rise to power comes against a back drop of Communist and Zionist atrocities across the globe and crushing economic hardship in Germany. In January 1923 France invades Germany’s Ruhr region after it falls behind on Reparations Payments. By mid-1923 Germany’s Hyper-Inflation has wiped out the middle classes and Hitler attempts a Coup in Munich. He fails and is sentenced to eight months in prison where he writes Mein Kampf (My Struggle). According to Hitler there is a Global Conspiracy directed by Jewish Bankers. He accuses the elite Marxist Jews in Germany of controlling newspapers and banking, fermenting wars, and corrupting the art, culture and morality of Europe.

As soon as Hitler takes control of Germany in 1933, Jewish leaders declare war and set about economic destruction. They stage Protest Rallies and stoke up hatred of Germany through their control of the press. By way of retaliation, Hitler bans the Communist Party in Germany, wrestles control of the Central Bank away from the Warburg/Rothschild Bankers and issues debt free currency. He pulls out of the League of Nations and refuses to make any more Reparations Payments. By 1936 the German economic recovery is in full swing and they host the Olympics. In July 1937 Japan and China go to War, by November Germany has signed an Anti-Communist defence pact with Japan. Soon after, Italy and a few other Nations also join. In March 1938 Austria is accepted into the German Reich, this is a popular move among the Austrian people, though the Government of the day oppose it. The Sudetenland soon follows and Germany signs a pact of non-aggression with the Soviet Union in August 1939.

Disputes over Danzig and the Polish Corridor, exasperated by terrorist attacks on the German radio station in Silesia eventually lead to France and Britain declaring War on Germany. History is written by the Victors and it is vital that the Propaganda continues to this day. War is fought for corporations, for greed and for the dark suits in the shadow government.

We must remember this.

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The No Planes of 9/11


September 11
th 2001. 19 crazy Islamists armed with box cutters and rudimentary flight training take out their wrath and hatred of the West in a Televisual Spectacular. It was audacious and shocking. It was successful beyond their wildest dreams. It galvanized a traumatised populace. It was a TV Hoax.

There’s no real point looking too deeply into the plane-shaped holes in the official story…. Oh, ok… here are a few…

Devout Muslims that got drunk in Strip Joints, magic passports that can pass through flame unscathed, luggage that wasn’t loaded on to planes that happened to contain Korans, Flight Manuals and the Last Will and Testaments of the hi-jackers involved (even though some of them turned up alive after 9/11). Mobile phones that worked on planes (even though the tech to make this happen has only recently come into commercial use). Asymmetrical damage that can cause symmetrical collapses, FEMA teams already in place the night before, irregular market trading, countless military drills that mimicked the actual events (causing untold confusion and delayed responses). Secret Service Agents happy to leave President Bush sat in a classroom at a well publicised visit. Israelis in position to film before the event unfolded, some of which were arrested, then quietly released.

I could go on and on, but what’s the point. Anyone who can shake off the pre-programmed cognitive dissonance and look at the events of that day with a clear head will see that, at the very least, things don’t quite add up. So, to the subject of this Blog entry. The No Plane Theory. This is a doozy. It seems clear that the destruction of the Twin Towers was a pretty important part of the operation, but would plane impacts alone guarantee their demise? Would people be so accepting of this eventuality if the planes had inflicted just a glancing blow? What if they had crumpled on impact, with the majority of the debris falling to the Manhattan streets below? No, for WTC’s 1 and 2 to experience total collapse, even after the impact of large passenger planes, it would be vital for the Core Columns to sustain massive damage. What would be needed is for the planes to entirely penetrate the towers, get all that fuel and the heavy Engines and Landing Gear all the way through the Façade. The Towers would need to envelop the two planes completely. And that is what we saw.

hezarkhanicumv3 fairbankscloseupaf3
No buckling, no resistance, no deceleration. Just a cartoon plane gliding into a building.

The reason we saw those things is because TV made it happen. From the very beginning it was a massive Psy-Op with no planes, just explosions. A complicit Mainstream Media telling the lie, well positioned actors on the ground shouting about planes and an underfunded investigation full of stooges with conflicts of interest waiting to rubber-stamp the narrative.

For your consideration -
Ace Backer’s
What Planes? And The Key (part of his brilliant Great American Psy-Opera)
Simon Shack’s
September Clues
Super Not It Bros
911 Octopus

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The Death of Osama bin Laden


We all know bin Laden. Crazy Islamist, hell bent on the destruction of the West purely because he and his ilk hate our freedoms. Mastermind of the infamous 9/11 attacks on New York (more on that later), finally brought to justice in the ultimate way by Navy Seal Team Six in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2nd 2011.

So, not much to discuss - right? Well, it seems there is much evidence to suggest that Osama was a very ill man indeed and probably died around December 2001. Rather than post a tonne of links to back up this claim, here is an article written by
Nathan A. Bauer. All the bases seem to be covered rather nicely – USAma Bin Laden died in December 2001.

So, now that we’ve established that the last 11 years of the War On Terror have been a myth it raises a few interesting questions

Firstly, who is this?

And this?

What are these people watching?

Well, I can answer that. It’s a big fat
nothing, which means these people are either lying or (most likely), this is a Photoshop.

Then, there were the dead Osama photos that flooded the Internet after the supposed burial at sea. Well, they were faked (as can be so easily done in this digital age). But it doesn’t end there. The CIA showed these fake photos to US Senators as proof of his demise. Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass) told Fox TV, “Listen, I’ve seen the picture… He’s definitely dead”. By late afternoon the very same day, Senator Brown had to admit to Fox that
the photo was not authentic. What’s interesting is that the mainstream media never make the link between the fake photos and the CIA.

Luckily for the US Administration, most (all?) of Navy Seal Team Six were killed in a
helicopter crash in Afghanistan just months after the daring raid against Osama’s super-secret compound. So, what to make of the new book, apparently written by one of the kill team? Well, it’s all a lie. The Osama assassination was always gonna be held back until it was politically expedient for the events to unfold (Obama was going through a mid-term slump and questions about the authenticity of his Birth Certificate were gaining a great deal of momentum), and this tell-all book is being released just as the Presidential election campaign is ramping up. This happens all the time. So, next time you read the BBC web site or settle down to the 6 O’clock news, ask yourself, who benefits from this story? What agenda is being pushed here? And, most importantly, how do we know this is for real?

For your consideration –
the fake CNN news footage from Gulf War 1

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HIV/AIDS For Your Consideration


Following my last Blog Entry, I was linked up with an interesting documentary. House Of Numbers by Canadian filmmaker Brent Leung offers an alternative view of what HIV/AIDS actually is. And the follow up, The Emperor’s New Virus seems to suggest that HIV doesn’t actually exist at all. Well worth your time.

House Of Numbers
The Emperor’s New Virus

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