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Who Runs The World


If you were to ask Beyoncé, I’m sure she’d tell you that Girls run the world. But, given that she spends most of her time wearing little more than underwear and high-heels, I suspect she’s been misinformed. Still, I’m sure she feels “Empowered”. No, the question is, who actually runs the world? I know it appears to the casual observer that Presidents and Prime Ministers call the shots, but they come and go. Often the bureaucrats, the paper shufflers and experts remain the same. And, have you noticed how the policies of one leader seem to be exactly the same as the previous incumbent? This has become so obvious in recent years that they have started feeding us woolly promises of change. Yet, once the reins of power have been seized, it’s business as usual.

There is of course, a straight forward reason for this. These figure heads answer to the same people and are merely continuing the same master plan, dragging us ever closer towards the same goal. It’s actually quite clever because each suit, regardless the colour of their tie, edges so subtly towards the abyss at practically glacial speed, that the average man in street doesn’t seem to notice. This is why we hate our current leaders then, within a year or so of voting them out, we hate our current leaders again. The press like to talk of a honeymoon period but, let’s be honest, it’s just the same crap over and over again. We get pushed and pulled by a well drilled state controlled press, lurching from one Threat Agender to the next Scare Story with just enough time to take in a vacuous distraction or two along the way.

So, I will attempt to briefly cover the current conspiracy theories regarding the Powers That Be. There are a good number of groups that could claim the title of Supreme Overlords, but it’s difficult to pin down which, if any, actually run the whole shabang. It is my personal opinion that there is a bit of a power struggle between a few of these groups. Sometimes they work together, other times there seems to be infighting and a jostling for position. You will also notice that each theory has many of the same groups within it, but encompassed under different umbrellas. Anyway, here’s a list, see what you think.

Rothschild Zionism
Zionism is a political ideology based around a Homeland (Palestine) for God’s “chosen” Jewish people. This is of course ridiculous because the religion of Judaism wasn’t even created by the Israelites. They had already begun to embrace the One World, One God principles of the time and were integrating with the peoples and societies around them. It was the Tribe of Judah that decided it wanted its own religion and a spiteful one at that. It’s been constructed in a very clever way because, to speak out against it is to be attacked for being anti-Semitic, thanks to the Rothschild controlled ADL. So we’re all caught in a “don’t mention the Jewish problem” mindset. The irony is that the Jews are not Semitic at all, as I’ve said they’re not even Israelites and a great number of modern Jews are Eastern European Khazars. But that’s another post all together.

So why Rothschild Zionism? Well, in 1760 the German-Jewish Banking Mogul, Mayer Amschel Bauer, changed his name to Rothschild (Red Shield) and set about world domination. He sent his Sons to all the major financial capitals of the World to set up banking systems. He who controls the money, controls the people. And it worked. Pretty soon Rothschild Zionism created and ran Central Banking throughout the world and with that power took control of a diverse range of businesses but most importantly Governments and Media. Now, through think tanks, lobbies, media brain washing and just plain buying people off, Rothschild Zionism essentially tells Presidents what to do and when to do it. If you have any doubt, take a look at Gordon Browns short lived tenure as Prime Minister. His whole reason for being there was to deregulate the Banks and remove any chance of prosecution or recompense should the Banks do anything wrong. Then notice that Barak Obama surrounded himself with JP Morgan people just as the Banking Crisis kicked in. And the solution? Give more money to the Banks. Austerity is like watching a negative image of the Robin Hood story.

The Jesuits
The Jesuits or The Society of Jesus is a male order within the Catholic Church, although it seems likely that it is the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has amassed an unbelievable fortune and has Power and Influence throughout the world. But the Pope and all the Papal trappings are just a front for what is essentially Satan, or more accurately Saturnallian Worship. Two Popes, the White (who we see kissing the Tarmac at Airports) and the Black, who is the Superior General of the Jesuit Society, oversee political assassinations, wars and scams all with one purpose in mind, a One World Government with the Black Pope at the helm. There is not a Government Organisation or Intelligence Agency in the World that is not under some degree of Jesuit influence. There is also a great deal of evidence to suggest that secret societies such as the Freemasons, Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus are all controlled from the Vatican.

The Committee Of 300
Also known as the Olympians or the Hidden Hand, the Committee of 300 was formed in 1727 by British Aristocracy and is made up of the most influential and wealthy of business men. Men that made their fortunes through the trade in Opium and large Corporations in the Banking, Insurance, Shipping and Communications industries. Notable members include the British and Dutch Royal Families, Henry Kissinger, the Forbes’s, Harriman’s, Bundy’s, Bush’s, Morgan’s, Strong’s, Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s, Buffet’s and Warburg’s. They are thought to influence world affairs through their various front groups and societies such as Round Table, Bilderberg, Tavistock, Rand, The Star Group, the UN and the Trilateral Commission and their intelligence agencies MI6, CIA and the NRO.

Other Notable Groups
Worth mentioning here is the Illuminati, a secret society consisting of several groups and families created by the Jesuit trained Bavarian Adam Weishaupt in 1776. Fritz Springmeier’s “13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati” traces the history of the 13 American Families and the Merovingian Kings of Europe. Also worth a mention is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a New York based think tank formed in 1921 that specialises in Foreign Policy and International Affairs (along with its British Sister Group, Chatham House in London). Looking at its past and present Membership reads like a who’s who of Political movers and shakers. The companies on the corporate membership list will leave you in little doubt of the influence that this “bi-partisan” organisation wields.

The Alien Problem
As a backdrop to all these groups, working together or against each other depending on what is best for their self-interest at any given time, we must consider the Alien Problem. It seems clear that the earth has been visited by various Alien Races throughout history, it is even possible that Alien intervention may well have changed the course of Human Evolution. Some Aliens have been observers, others have been a little more malevolent. At some point after the Second World War (probably around the time of the Roswell incident in 1947), the US Military did a deal with the Alien Race commonly known as the Greys. The deal was pretty straight forward. In return for Alien Technology and know-how, the US would allow the Aliens to set up a number of Underground Bases and would turn a blind eye to an agreed number of Alien Abductions for scientific purposes. The problem is that the Aliens didn’t stick to their end of the bargain. The Aliens are abducting far more people than was agreed and the US seems powerless to do anything about it. There is an ongoing War between Human and Alien races, all being played out in secret.

Inter-Dimensional Reptilian Shape-Shifters
And finally, the big one. There is evidence to suggest that an inter-dimensional race of Reptilian beings is somehow involved at the very highest echelons of the Power Elite. Their motive is probably unknowable but there is something very dark and ominous about the whole situation. David Icke suggests that they feed on negative energy (vampires?) or maybe need it to cross dimensions. There seems to be a lot of Child Sacrifice and Molestation involved throughout the Secret Societies, could these Reptilians be the motivation for these dark acts? As I say, it’s impossible to know, but I do think there is something to this story.

Wrap Up
So there you have it, Dave’s quick guide to bad stuff that’s happening in the World. As of now, I think the Rothschild Zionists probably have the upper hand but, as I say – Power ebbs and Power flows…

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The No Planes of 9/11


September 11
th 2001. 19 crazy Islamists armed with box cutters and rudimentary flight training take out their wrath and hatred of the West in a Televisual Spectacular. It was audacious and shocking. It was successful beyond their wildest dreams. It galvanized a traumatised populace. It was a TV Hoax.

There’s no real point looking too deeply into the plane-shaped holes in the official story…. Oh, ok… here are a few…

Devout Muslims that got drunk in Strip Joints, magic passports that can pass through flame unscathed, luggage that wasn’t loaded on to planes that happened to contain Korans, Flight Manuals and the Last Will and Testaments of the hi-jackers involved (even though some of them turned up alive after 9/11). Mobile phones that worked on planes (even though the tech to make this happen has only recently come into commercial use). Asymmetrical damage that can cause symmetrical collapses, FEMA teams already in place the night before, irregular market trading, countless military drills that mimicked the actual events (causing untold confusion and delayed responses). Secret Service Agents happy to leave President Bush sat in a classroom at a well publicised visit. Israelis in position to film before the event unfolded, some of which were arrested, then quietly released.

I could go on and on, but what’s the point. Anyone who can shake off the pre-programmed cognitive dissonance and look at the events of that day with a clear head will see that, at the very least, things don’t quite add up. So, to the subject of this Blog entry. The No Plane Theory. This is a doozy. It seems clear that the destruction of the Twin Towers was a pretty important part of the operation, but would plane impacts alone guarantee their demise? Would people be so accepting of this eventuality if the planes had inflicted just a glancing blow? What if they had crumpled on impact, with the majority of the debris falling to the Manhattan streets below? No, for WTC’s 1 and 2 to experience total collapse, even after the impact of large passenger planes, it would be vital for the Core Columns to sustain massive damage. What would be needed is for the planes to entirely penetrate the towers, get all that fuel and the heavy Engines and Landing Gear all the way through the Façade. The Towers would need to envelop the two planes completely. And that is what we saw.

hezarkhanicumv3 fairbankscloseupaf3
No buckling, no resistance, no deceleration. Just a cartoon plane gliding into a building.

The reason we saw those things is because TV made it happen. From the very beginning it was a massive Psy-Op with no planes, just explosions. A complicit Mainstream Media telling the lie, well positioned actors on the ground shouting about planes and an underfunded investigation full of stooges with conflicts of interest waiting to rubber-stamp the narrative.

For your consideration -
Ace Backer’s
What Planes? And The Key (part of his brilliant Great American Psy-Opera)
Simon Shack’s
September Clues
Super Not It Bros
911 Octopus

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The Death of Osama bin Laden


We all know bin Laden. Crazy Islamist, hell bent on the destruction of the West purely because he and his ilk hate our freedoms. Mastermind of the infamous 9/11 attacks on New York (more on that later), finally brought to justice in the ultimate way by Navy Seal Team Six in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2nd 2011.

So, not much to discuss - right? Well, it seems there is much evidence to suggest that Osama was a very ill man indeed and probably died around December 2001. Rather than post a tonne of links to back up this claim, here is an article written by
Nathan A. Bauer. All the bases seem to be covered rather nicely – USAma Bin Laden died in December 2001.

So, now that we’ve established that the last 11 years of the War On Terror have been a myth it raises a few interesting questions

Firstly, who is this?

And this?

What are these people watching?

Well, I can answer that. It’s a big fat
nothing, which means these people are either lying or (most likely), this is a Photoshop.

Then, there were the dead Osama photos that flooded the Internet after the supposed burial at sea. Well, they were faked (as can be so easily done in this digital age). But it doesn’t end there. The CIA showed these fake photos to US Senators as proof of his demise. Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass) told Fox TV, “Listen, I’ve seen the picture… He’s definitely dead”. By late afternoon the very same day, Senator Brown had to admit to Fox that
the photo was not authentic. What’s interesting is that the mainstream media never make the link between the fake photos and the CIA.

Luckily for the US Administration, most (all?) of Navy Seal Team Six were killed in a
helicopter crash in Afghanistan just months after the daring raid against Osama’s super-secret compound. So, what to make of the new book, apparently written by one of the kill team? Well, it’s all a lie. The Osama assassination was always gonna be held back until it was politically expedient for the events to unfold (Obama was going through a mid-term slump and questions about the authenticity of his Birth Certificate were gaining a great deal of momentum), and this tell-all book is being released just as the Presidential election campaign is ramping up. This happens all the time. So, next time you read the BBC web site or settle down to the 6 O’clock news, ask yourself, who benefits from this story? What agenda is being pushed here? And, most importantly, how do we know this is for real?

For your consideration –
the fake CNN news footage from Gulf War 1

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